/ A main branch /

It was in 1975 that René Bidet set up the workshops bearing his name in Jallais, Anjou, with his spouse. Initially, they specialized in period furniture making, but the business quickly expanded into joinery and cabinetmaking work and custom interior fit-out work as part of prestigious projects. Today, Les Ateliers René Bidet combines in one space a design department, a production factory and a finishing workshop. We design projects, shape them and magnify the feature. The entire installation phase is carried out by our team. Since 2014, Romain, Thomas and Alexis have been presiding over the destiny of the family business.

/ Wood in all its states /

Structured, destructured, worked endlessly... Wood has infinite resources and still holds center stage in all the projects conducted by Les Ateliers René Bidet. But, over time, we have taken to combining with it other noble materials such as brass, glass, leather... Other materials were incorporated into completed work of arts such as fine ironwork or decorative glasswork thanks to the newly acquired skills by our team members. They thus push back the frontiers of creation by imagining novel and ever more original finishes through veneer overlays, sandblasting, brushing, oxidative colors, patina finishes, gold leaf... A rare combination of nobility and digital precision, mixed with a compilation of advanced techniques create the possibility to give a final touch of life and exclusivity to creations.

/ Roots of creation /

Every single day, at Les Ateliers René Bidet, we take up challenges, work with effort, go the extra mile... and take pleasure in doing so! Our approach here is global around a product: it is researched, designed, coordinated, managed and installed too. The design department conceives ideas and goes beyond to anticipate the manufacturing process. Through testing and research, its finds solutions, creates innovative techniques and works around obstacles. Everyone then gets involved in the production, working on one’s project and following it from scratch to achievement. For absolute control over the finished product, its installation on site is ensured by the Ateliers René Bidet teams. Quite telling of their commitment, some of the fifty employees have been here for more than forty years and are passing on their knowhow to the younger ones. For this strong team, mutual aid and passion are powerful driving forces that make it possible to go further, higher, to push back the limits. In order to enthrall the eye...

/ The essence of luxury /

The clients of Les Ateliers René Bidet are creators. Renowned designers and interior architects come here looking for a matchless eye combined with the skills that will transpose their ideas, give them life, transcend them... Works which are always unique, involving decoration accessories as well as large sets: wood trims, walls, floors, ceilings, furniture... These creations fit into new constructions or renovation projects. Dressing parts or all of different spaces, they constantly convey a feeling of passion and an impression of perfection. They become part of apartments, villas, mansion houses or castles, of luxury boutiques, of great restaurants, of prestigious and luxury hotels. You are likely to find them in every corner of the world...